Visual Merchandising Excellence

Visual merchandising is an excellent way to build brand value, attract customers, spread customer awareness and create a definitive image of a brand. Signages, posters, danglers, etc. play a crucial role in visual merchandising and positively influence customers if deployed smartly at strategic locations. Undoubtedly, visual merchandising products are a perfect tool for advertisement. However, a company faces many challenges if it’s a big brand operating in multiple cities across the country targeting thousands of stores or offices.

The Problem

Finding an appropriate place for visual merchandise, installing, validating deployment, reporting, authenticity/ Quality/ Audit etc. seem herculean task for any brand. A long, tiresome information gathering process leads to wastage of precious time and delays in deployment. There is absolutely no transparency to ensure if the visual merchandise is being installed at the right place with required dimensions or not, leading to loss of money and time. If this all wasn’t enough, there is unending auditing at the end.

Our Solution

A smart solution with an excellent experience. / A revolutionary application to keep a tab on from the start till the very end.

Keeping all the challenges in mind and taking every small detail in the account, we have designed an technological solution called Visual Merchandise Excellence (VMX). It is a customizable enterprise-class system that takes away all the complexities brands face while managing visual merchandising. Right from recce to deployment of visual merchandise, it creates real-time visibility for the key stakeholders. Its easy to use with intuitive user interface makes it convenient for any user to use it. There’s a web portal for the company to track and approve everything online and an application meant for visual merchandising team.

How It Works?

Recce Process

As a business, you send a deployment list which is uploaded in the VMX App. A unique store code is generated for every store or location, the VM team or personnel sees this Store Code in the App and enters details like element, dimensions and submits it. While submitting the app captures the geo location, date, time and photo. All these vital information is shared along with Recce ID, Store ID and sent to the company for review. They can approve or decline as they deem it fit ‘on the go’ from anywhere-anytime.

Why is VMX the best in the industry?

Why is VMX the best in the industry?

There is real-time information processing with complete transparency.
It bridges the gap between the brand and visual merchandise ground level team and thus shortens communication process.
It separately shows recce and deployment process through a custom dashboard. View deployment status as deployed, pending and permission deny.
Cloud-based storage and sharing of information minimizes the risk of loss of information.
Intuitive user interface, state of the art design, auto-tagging of time, date and geo-location, cloud storage and access make it the only app that solves many problems in just a few clicks.
It improves auditability and trackability of the entire visual merchandising process.
User merchandise and ROI module to track your investments and the returns through branding & merchandising.