Scheme Management

In channel and distribution management, brands need to keep partners motivated and engaged at all the time. Incentive schemes help principal companies to specifically achieve these seemingly difficult targets. Besides, well-thought and well-planned schemes assist in improving brand loyalty among the partners. Periodically, brands need to create separate schemes or plans to cater to the demands of the various partners and locations. Managing different schemes based on regions, products, partners, etc. and communicating them effectively to the right party is complicated and tedious task for any brand. This requires customized incentive scheme application that can keep every partner motivated to selling more. An automation tool that can help brands achieve this efficiently is known as Scheme management.

Partner Engagement

In order to keep partners engaged, their needs, which are always going to differ from others, have to be fulfilled. Hence, brands can’t have a single incentive plan for all the partners. It’s easier said than done and therefore, such an activity requires intuitive and easy to use scheme management tool. A tool that offers you the flexibility to create incentive scheme based on the strengths, weaknesses and potential of each partner or regions. ARMS Lite lets you design and assign different schemes for the various partners. What appeals to one partner may not to others, and therefore, it is imperative to personalize incentive schemes.

Scheme Communication

The major challenge brands face - communicating the scheme to the right party in the quickest manner. If you do not have an application which can do the same, you send a mail to the Sales Manager or Area Manager who, in turn, needs to communicate the scheme to the sales personnel entrusted with selling. This not only causes a delay but also causes a gap in communication leading to incorrect information. ARMS Lite takes care of this issue efficiently where the right party or personnel of the channel is intimated through the app whenever a new scheme is launched. Hence, it keeps the selling staff updated in real time.

Typically, brands run different schemes for different partners, products, and regions. In such a scenario, each region would have different formats of schemes which lead to nonstandardization of scheme formats communicated through email. ARMS Lite eliminates this issue and standardizes the scheme format across all the partners and regions. Hence, there is no risk of misreading or misunderstanding the scheme by regional heads or partners.

ARMS is a single solution to your multiple problems related to FoS. Monitor, track and observe all the activities of your field force and measure the RoI deploying ARMS.