Distribution Management

Distribution management is a subset of Channel Management. It is a comprehensive term referring to various activities and procedures, including but not limited to stocks, logistics, warehousing, supply chain. In simple terms, managing the movement of goods from the principal company to the point of sale is distribution management. The wider distribution network invariably leverages sales of a principle company. However, at the same time, it brings with it an array of challenges. To succeed financially and corporate longevity, expertly managing the complete distribution process is crucial. The bigger the brand or principal company, the more the number of supply points a company has. It’s not possible for them to manually manage the vast distribution network and hence they need to heavily rely on automation.

In an ideal word, principal company just has to sell the product to the distributors. However it’s not an ideal world, companies multi-channel sale returns and multichannel sales come with its own set of problems and complexities. The biggest challenge is to track stocks that travel downstream from principal company to the retailer. As a principal company, you need to know where your products are going and how your products are doing at every layer in the channel. ARMS lite, the bestin-the-industry channel and distribution management application, offers you visibility of inventory across various channels. You can track sales of each product through this application in real time.

The principal company is usually not aware of the inventory at the distributors. Or, you get to know when you are intimated by the distributor. The time between reordering stocks and replenishing can sometimes be game changing in today’s hyper-competitive markets. You risk losing end customers to rival companies who have better monitoring of stocks in the real time, all the time. In fact, automation provides them the edge over you and they make the most of their competitive advantage. ARMS Lite simplifies reordering process since you are aware of inventory at each partner. It helps in avoiding delays in order execution and thus helps you stay ahead of your competitors and arch-rivals.

In the absence of adequate and productive distribution management application, as a principal company, you are not able to forecast the number of units being sold at each distributor. The lack of accurate prediction can either hamper the production, or you may over produce products. This can lead to stock related issues such as inventory pile up. ARMS Lite offers predictive analysis of your product distribution and thus help you in producing only the required number of units.

ARMS Lite has been designed taking every requirement of distribution management in mind. Therefore, it empowers you and your channel partners to meet business goals.