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Preemptive Channel Strategies

Channel Trade is a fast-moving part of Businesses. Ask someone involved in managing the Channel Territory about how his/her day is and usually you’ll find the following time-table:

channel management solutions

Given such a pace of operations, implementing behavioral and training changes is harder than it is in the case of other verticals. This, and other such nuances are exactly why Channel Trade is different from other parts of a business.

Over the last 5 years or so, technology has changed this dynamic. Sales-force Automation(SFA) software has helped automate many repetitive workflows, which in turn has created room for the Sales Team to be used for more long-term endeavors. In this article, we discuss 3 ways in which this has happened to companies using ARMS, TRIAD Technologies’ Channel Management Software.

  • Handling Bulk Cases:

    SFAs have provided many organizations with a single location to check the issues affecting their sales teams. By condensing an otherwise fragmented set of issues, the time taken to respond to these issues has gone down. It takes less time to resolve a Channel-Level stock deficit if you know how many retailers face this issue in one go.
  • Capture more data:

    This has to be the most latent, but useful advantage of SFAs. Without SFA tracking systems, issues are usually reported either over phone or over messaging platforms. With SFAs, most of this information is reported through a centralized Ticketing engine, which retains this data for later use. Over time, an MIS Team can look at the data and give you useful trends.
  • Easier Implementation:

    One benefit which many of our clients have been very vocal about is the how much time they get to work on channel relationships, which actually drive the business. A prime example is a Regional Manager who told us that he was able to spend much more time in value-generating tasks because his team was now free from the repetitive tasks of running their monthly schemes. Without ARMS, they would have to spend a good part of the week collecting data from retailers, cleaning the data, making the Dashboards and calculating payouts. Now, they have a Scheme Management Module which does all that in less than 7 seconds.

As the old saying goes, ‘It’s the little things which count’. Channel Management is no different. These small things make up to a much more lubricated and robust Channel which facilitates higher sales numbers and more rewarding relationships with retailers, distributors and in-house stakeholders. Companies which have adopted ARMS are now maintaining a long-term approach. Rather than wait for crises, many organizations are using ARMS to preemptively plan ahead – in training, distribution and other aspects of supply chain management.

Get in touch with us today for a free guided demo of ARMS and see how your organization can benefit from having a long-term Channel Management Strategy.