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Gamification and Sales Behavior

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Gamification is a field in Behavioral Economics which focuses on the study of behaviors to external stimulus. In Sales, this abstract has been applied to motivate sales teams into performing higher than their standard levels, and maintaining higher engagement in work. No doubt organizations which use Gamification fare better in employee retention and performance than those which do not.

Today, we describe the logic behind the Gamification Module found in ARMS Enterprise.

The problem at hand was one which a client of ours would face. When they deployed ARMS Enterprise, an early adoption issue was that some Area Sales Managers(ASMs) started reporting many exceptions which had to be dealt with manually. Later on, these issues reduced in numbers for most of the ASMs, but a few ASMs were still raising a relatively high number of tickets, which required a lot of manual work to deal with. This was clearly one of those issues which better software itself would not solve primarily because it is linked to human behavior – something that is quite simply outside the scope of Sales Force Automation. However, there is a Grey Area.

One approach is to penalize the employees for a higher number of tickets. There are many questions one has to ask while implementing such a strategy:

  • How high is too high?
  • Are the tickets genuine?
  • Should the penalty be financial or otherwise?
  • How severe should the penalty be?

In this article, we will attempt to answer at-least 2 of the above questions above.

Gamification comes to the rescue at times like these. Here’s how we solved the issue for our clients:

  • First off, we captured the Ticket Data – How many tickets were being raised by the employees and how frequently.
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  • Next, we work out a system to highlight cases which stand out in the number. You don’t want a system which calculates how high something is based on static values. The number of tickets may be less in Normal days, but higher in Festival days, and naturally so. What you want to capture is the outliers. In this case, we used the following measure:
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  • Use this distance with a threshold to calculate a Penalty Parameter as follows:
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Eventually, the client used our Gamification Module which had these and many more logics built into it to build a leaderboard. Rather than penalizing the ASM financially, the ASM was able to see where he ranked on the Leaderboard across different parameters and with time, the number of tickets started to normalize.

The Gamification Module of ARMS Enterprise has capabilities which can be used to modify long-term behaviors of field teams using cutting edge Behavioral Economics and Statistical Analyses, combined with our years of Sales Experience. Get in touch with us today for a Free Demo of ARMS Enterprise and see what it can accomplish for your organization.