Integration of Channel Training

Much of the value that Marketing Automation software is generating for companies comes from the confluence of different aspects of business. With Channel Management Software, that is also the case.

ARMS, our premier Channel Management Solution, does this very elegantly. ARMS comes as a distribution with mix and match modules suited to the Business Requirements of clients.

Today, we are going to speak about how integrating Training Management with ARMS has helped organizations streamline their operations and compute the effect training has on sales.

As we mentioned earlier, much of the value Channel Management Software gives comes as a result of confluence. Typically, Training acts as a support function to sales, however organizations do manage both separately. Companies usually have a separate Training Budget which is used to bring sales teams up to speed on Product Training, Soft-skills, Sales Pitches, etc. Training is also followed by testing to see which members might need more work.

Channel Trade is a fast-moving part of Businesses. Ask someone involved in managing the Channel Territory about how his/her day is and usually you’ll find the following time-table:

ARMS compliments the sales training process with its Training Module. Using our experience, we designed the Training Module keeping in mind that Sales Training is more application based, than learning based. Answers given 10 minutes after a Training presentation tend to not be an accurate indicator of on-field performance. The module addresses this issue as follows:

Usually, over a 10 to 15 days period, the trainers get data on how their field force has answered. Since the questions are sent in a random order, there is little scope of contamination. This gives a realistic picture on how effective the training was. Combine the accuracy data with sales and you have a very real idea of how effective the training is in helping sales. With the module, it becomes easier to identify members whom have additional training needs.

With time, when there is enough information to measure the long-term impact of training on sales, companies can use that intelligence to devise better training plans – training on product features, sales pitch or soft-skills.

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