Bid adieu to discrepancies that crop up in last mile stock and sales with ARMS Lite. No more delays in accurate reporting and no more delays in communicating schemes and notifications. For accurate visibility of stocks and sales at all levels, ARMS Lite affords you to update data across multiple channel layers simultaneously.

Typically, malpractices at store or distributor level erode your profit margins. ARMS Lite offers you the ability to track stock through a serial number of the item. It eliminates any and all possibilities of duplication of items by restricting movement of stock meant for the designated distributor or retailer. This helps you to plan your partner programs and incentives based on the performance of individual partner.

We have taken into account all the challenges and requirements of brands who work in multi-layered channels. Keeping every small detail in mind, we have developed a simpler and lighter version of ARMS Enterprise which could be used on any smartphone. It offers you the freedom to track the movement of stocks and sales through your phone.

A smart solution that assists organizations operating in multi-tiered distribution systems to do the following:

  • A bird’s eye view of stock visibility across the channel.
  • Effectively reduces and controls channel sales.
  • Increase channel revenue
  • Assess and analyze with actionable intelligence

Keep a weather eye on the stock movement of your product

Channel partners can update inventory, including manufacturer to distributor, distributor to retailers and from retailers to end consumers. It accommodates multi-tier distribution networks with stakeholders like national and regional distributors and retailers. Relevant functionalities are provided for the sales management resources like:

  • Third-party in-store demonstrators and their managers
  • On-ground sales team.

Substantially reduce the cost of channel sales.

In today’ competitive market, enormous marketing support is needed to push channel sales. ARMS comes handy in attaching a tag to expenses such as demo units, in-store branding, etc. at every store level. When this is combined with sale numbers, it provides store level detailed data to RoI measurement. It leads to insightful and actionable information on conditions like the comparative impact of different brand elements on sales movement.

Increase channel revenue

By driving increased revenue through the channel, ARMS Lite helps brands gain the best value from their incentive programs investment. Today’s fast-paced companies with massive growth can no longer afford to manage their incentive claims and payments on Excel spreadsheets. ARMS streamlines the incentive management and claims processing to deliver targeted, highimpact programs that promote more efficient selling behaviors, including tiered and stacked incentives. Besides, it improves business coordination by customizing channel management to fit the needs of the business.

Actionable intelligence

With deeper penetration into channel utilization, sales outcomes, partner engagement, and product profitability, companies can more easily replicate what works well and change or discard what does not. The ARMS Lite equips brands to better analyze and measure business performance by program, partner, and product. Using extraordinary analytics, companies can:

  • Identify top-performing programs and partners
  • Allocate resources appropriately, based on performance.
  • Measure product profitability more accurately and determine strategies for improvement.

ARMS is a single solution to your multiple problems related to FoS. Monitor, track and observe all the activities of your field force and measure the RoI deploying ARMS.