Many companies have a vast network of branches/stores where they supply their goods directly. These direct channels certainly cut the costs offering better margins to the principal company. This, however, poses a big challenge of handling the administrative tasks of each store. What if there were web-based solutions that can help you track and manage administrative expenses of each store such as utility bills, leases, etc. Centrally handling such expenditures help stores or channels to spend more time on their core job of persuading customers and selling items rather than wasting time on issues that are secondary yet unavoidable and time-consuming.

Versatile and customizable tool

ADAMS is a versatile web-based portal that helps you handle administrative tasks of each branch or channel. It enables faster reconciliation of payout processing, organized data management, data security, mobility, transparency, accountability and provides various MIS reports meeting management needs. The relevant data fed from varied and disparate systems can be collated at a unified platform. ADAMs helps in creating a transparent environment for the administration enabling them to get real-time information.

Rights management: In ADAMS, the super admin has complete control on the portal who has the right to define accesses to each employee or branch based on individual’s job. The limited rights access can be provided at each branch or channel to manage admin tasks at branch level better.

ADAMS let you view Lease data of each branch or channel. When a lease is up for renewal, automatic reminder emails are triggered to the concerned party. Besides, you can view old leases, expenses, landlord details for each branch. Thus, you can micromanage each channel from your desk from your head office.

Augmented transparency and accountability.

Capital expenditure function of ADAMS allows users to generate work orders/ purchase orders with expense details such as Civil, Modular, Storage, branding, etc. which come up while setting up a new branch/store. You can view work orders uploaded by branch. Also, see payment history towards work orders. PRM (payment request memo) – Employee needs to fill PRM for requesting payment towards vendor from accounts department.

Operational Expenditure is another functionality featuring Inventory, PRM, Vendor, and Logistics. Effectively manage day-to-day operations of branches or channels such as inward and outward couriers. The system lets the assigned person such as receptionist enter courier details. This triggers a mail to the intended recipient. Thus, it eliminates the possibility of loss and piling up of couriers or mails.

Through Support function branch employees can raise tickets for claims reimbursement such as travel allowance, insurance claims, etc.

Reports section allows downloading customized office details, landlord details or lease details in Excel as per date or status.

For a company with multiple branches spread across the wide territory in the country, collating data, maintaining and validating different expenses of each branch is not only challenging but also a time-consuming task. ADAMS is a smart, personalized solution that not only helps you overcome such challenges but also provides a fillip to productivity and tracks administrative expenses in real time.